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Melissa and Steve, Married!

Here are Melissa and Steve, Mr. and Mrs. Young!!  Now this, was a wedding!  Melissa and I are pretty close to being family, as we worked together for a number of years at Headlines Salon and Day Spa.  I was so excited that she wanted me to photograph her wedding, for a multitude of reasons.  The most important, she had found the love of her life, and I loved hearing about him and all of the things he was bringing to their relationship.  I had only met Steve in passing, but had heard so much about him and his family that I just knew this would be something special.  He was her lumberjack from New Hampshire with a huge heart.  The photos speak for themselves.  I was moved by all of Melissa’s personal touches that she put into this heartfelt day, her excitement was completely infectious.  And by it being held at his family house…..a quintessential New Hampshire colonial with a detached barn chock full of collectible goodies, worthy of auctions that you see on television.  I couldn’t wait.  And, I was ultimately moved by the love shown by him and his family to her and hers.  Plus, what could be better than traveling to New Hampshire for Columbus Day weekend?  And watch this beautiful union take place?  See some great friends?  Hmmmmmmm……not much.  Someone pinch me!!

Congratulations to you both.  Love you!!!