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Lauren and Stephen, Married!!

Family.  Jobs and life have put distance between us.  For my mom’s side, it was close then far.  But now, we are here, and to be close to family that I’ve been away from for the majority of some of their lives, especially the younger ones, is a blessing.  We pick up where we left.  Some of my cousins who were little girls yesterday, now grown amazing fierce women today.  And now they are getting married!

Lauren and Stephen found each other and their love blossomed immediately.  Having grown up in the same town all of their lives, they knew each other, but when Stephen offered support and guidance after Lauren’s grandfather (Uncle Billy) passed, that was it.  Their strong faith and love of God brought them together, along with both families and all of their friends.   And that family thing….well, all of our families were there to witness this beautiful couple start their lives together…and how great it is to be close again.  And I love them.  All of them.

Stephen and Lauren’s guests enjoyed an amazing celebration at the Homestead at Zion, in Mullins, South Carolina.   This former tobacco farm provided a beautiful backdrop for my cousin and her new husband!

Love you both!!