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Phoenix and Lucy, Conway Riverwalk

Phoenix and Lucy are getting married next October, and I cannot wait for this day!  I work with Phoenix at Myrtle Beach’s best hair salon, Mirage Hair Studio.  Her enthusiasm and excitement for their wedding is nothing short of infectious, and so great because they have so many great ideas and plans, that I can also plan for an amazing day of photography for the two of them!

We got together at the Riverwalk a couple of weeks ago….and it was the first time I met Lucy!  We had a ball!  Stay tuned for a beautiful Wildberry Farm wedding next fall!!   

Here’s to 30 years!!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate an amazing milestone birthday than this…..this girl does it on her terms, which is how she should.  My beautiful cousin, Kristen.  In 30 years, she has accomplished more than most people in her lifetime.   She is fiercely independent, strikingly beautiful, strong in both her faith and love for her country, and amazingly brilliant.  And a personality bigger than South Carolina!!  All things every woman wants to be.   Happy birthday Kristen, you make all of us proud!!   We all love you!

Family portrait session before the storm!!

Talk about perfect conditions!!  I met the Giesler clan in North Litchfield the day before a tropical storm was to arrive.  Although the storm was still in the Caribbean and nowhere near South Carolina yet, her presence was felt all the way up to the outerbanks of North Carolina.  But this day, the skies were perfectly covered with gorgeous thick and colorful clouds, absolutely no wind…and a beach that hadn’t been touched all day due to the warnings by every news outlet available.   I love the opportunities that have been afforded to me since moving to South Carolina, and watching my favorite families grow.

Thank you Alison and Neil for another wonderful afternoon!!



Fannie and Paul

I was so grateful to have received this call from Fannie, asking me to photograph for them.  Life happened and their dream beach ceremony had to wait a bit….and then an opportunity presented itself to travel back to her home state of South Carolina to finally make it happen.  When she described the day and how it would go, I thought, wow.  This sounds amazing.  I couldn’t WAIT.

And I gushed.  They were so in love, with three gorgeous children and the most beautiful collection of friends and family surrounding them in a circle of hearts drawn on the beach.  See for yourself….I hope to meet more couples just like them.